Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Waiting Period

Many of you have expressed that it’s been TOO LONG since we’ve updated! We do apologize and are very thankful that so many of you ‘really do care’ about us and our wanting to hear our latest news.... 

The big question that we have been getting on email is “When are you moving?”. This question at the moment is still a bit up in the air but just as of two day’s ago we received some very good news! We have been trying and trying to move to the city of Manado where are long term base of ministry is located. After continues closed doors we just found out the the easiest door of all has always been open. It turns out that “I” Ben the ‘head of the household’ carries the main responsibly for the family and therefor is should be ok for us to move under my visa alone and then have the girls changed over to my visa in December. We are still waiting to hear the final ok on this but we pray that this is true. If this is true then we are looking to move in 4 to 6 weeks. We are very excited!  : )

 As Ruth and I were talking about prayer request we were delighted to see God's faithfulness for us since we arrived back in Indonesia just 5 months ago. We continue to make ourselves available and God continues to be faithful. Here is a list of prayer request with some recent praises!

-Praise! Ruth after having a rather hard/sick first trimester with this pregnancy is now starting to feel better. But with that in mind we are a bit worried in that Ruth's schedule is 110% right now with having a language tutor coming every day (some days twice), the kids, and we are now starting to pack our things for our big move in 5 weeks.

-Prayer! As I mentioned we are getting ready to move soon! With this move in mind things will get pretty tricky with finishing here strong, saying our goodbyes, & packing and mailing (no U-hales here!) all our things. We also covet your prayers with this 'new' lifestyle in Manado. We will be living in a small community and a church has agreed to be our host church. This means that in this new situation will be fully dependent on Indonesians instead of fellow American's for anything & everything! This may 'sound' like a good thing (and it is...) but in the past this 'new' living situation has been or can be very hard/stressful on a family. So please be praying!  :)

-Praise! Our finances are up! A year ago our monthly support was at about 45% but now it's at about 63%. This is great news for all of us in that we have been told that we need to be at least 65% to live in a remote while working in a tribal group. Praise the Lord for His provision of this in that we are 'just' about there! :)

There are stories after stories of the amazing work we are apart of all over the world! May you find your joy & peace in our Savior this morning!

Your Indonesian missionaries
~Ben, Ruth, Chloe, Gwen, Addie, and one in the oven!

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