Sunday, September 05, 2010

Culture of the Week!

Motor Bikes & Cargo!

As most of you know we don't own a car here in Indonesia but we do own two motor bikes. This might not seem like a big deal off the top of your head but then again what would you do when you go grocery shopping or need to buy something kinda big? Well, in many of these cases you can get something delivered but myself and some friends we like to 'do what we can' by ourselves if you know what I mean....

This picture is of Gwen and I going to the 'bird market' and buying our family bird. What do you do with a bird care and a motor bike? You cover the cage in newspaper and tie it to your back of course! Not impressed yet? 

To mow our lawn at our house I have to drive to another mission house and borrow the lawn mower. Normally I borrow the mission truck but when I got there the truck was gone. No worries though, my Indonesian friend was willing to help!

This picture is of my best/stupidest 'carry ons' yet. We bought Addie a crib (picture below) and I figured the box wouldn't be THAT big and I could just fit it in between the front space of my motor bike. But the box was too big so I said tie it on my back! I got A LOT of looks driving home with this one. : )

Let's just say it was big & HEAVY! Your worth is though girl!!!

This is a picture of my friend Nate when he was moving homes. He took his entire rattan chair in one load! What an inspiration you are to me Nate!

**I apologize in that is 'culture of the Week' is NOT about Ramadan. I was planning on 'filling you in' with a bunch of little culture tidbids but my plan now is to make you a video next week. So stay tuned!

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