Sunday, August 15, 2010

Culture of the Week!


(This photo was taken in Jakarta-Indonesia)

That’s right, the Holy Muslim month of Ramadan has begun! Seeing as how the month of "Ramadan" is such a BIG part of life here in Indonesia we will be dedicating our 'culture of the month' to Ramadan this month.
Part of the Ramadan month is fasting all day (no eating or drinking). Muslims will eat a early morning breakfast before the sun comes up and then eat dinner after the sun goes down. During this time we too have to be sensitive with NOT eating or drinking when out in public.

This 'being polite' to others has also effected local restaurants here. Some places choose to close all together during the day while others just 'some how' block the view of people eating in side!

Even the 'small' sit and eat places will cover up!

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Anonymous said...

We need to hear something new, please. I know you're busy, but it seems like that news has been there for a month.

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