Sunday, August 15, 2010


As we look back on this last week we are encouraged! Ruth is starting to feel better with her pregnancy (huge praise!). Gwen is doing better and better with her long adjustment back to Indonesia (huge praise!). Also, total miracle happened this week. I had been stressing over our external hard drive (that had our entire old computer on it which had then broken in our move here) and found out that it would cost between $700-$1,300 dollars to get it fixed. I was praying about it and just not sure what to do. As I was praying about it, I felt that the Lord was directing me to get out of bed and try to fix it myself (maybe not a good idea) but praise be to God when I plugged it in it worked! I was beside myself with joy! :) Since then I’ve been able to pull everything off and retrieve all our files. The other thing we wanted to mention was how thankful we are for all of you. Your support and friendship to us has been the ‘extra push’ and smile in our day’s since coming back from the United States. So for that “Thank You” :)

God bless,

~Ben, Ruth, Chloe, Gwen, Addie and baby in belly

P.S. We have created a "Send the Kane's a care package" if your interested...


Glidewell Family said...

Whooo Hoooooo!

The Calhouns said...

So glad to hear that Ruth is feeling better! It is always encouraging to hear how God is meeting your needs and caring for you. We continue to pray for you and miss you.
Chloe's haircut is darling. Emily has donated to Locks of Love several times now. She once told me when she was little that it is something she CAN do...growing hair. She loves that it always goes to someone who really needs it.
Press on friends, as you walk in a manner worthy of the Lord.
May He bless you with more and more of Himself,