Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Packing -up again...

You maybe as surprised as we were, in that things have quickly fallen into place for us to move to Manado in about 3 weeks! We appreciate your prayers, we have much to do before we move... buying, selling, sorting, packing. Things sure look different here. We can’t just rent a u-haul and take off, we are talking different islands here. If anyone is thinking of writing or sending us a package here is our new address in Manado:
Kampus Misi PPMMP 
Attn: Ben Kane
Kotak Pos 1036
Manado, 95011
Sulawesi Utara
Please be praying for Ruth. With all the packing and business here and being pregnant, today at 5 p.m. she said that she was feeling sick and had to go lay down. Hopefully once everything settles down we can get back to a routine. 
 Thank you for all your prayers and notes. We will up-date again soon!
Grace & Peace,
Ben & Ruth


Anonymous said...

Good luck but Manado seems a strange place to achieve your goal, there are Churches every 100 meters.

Ben & Ruth said...

Dear Mr/Mrs Anonymous,

I will make this answer short seeing as how even though you have my email address you choose to write this publicly as an 'unknown' person….

Thank you for you concern regarding 'achieving our goal'. Our 'goal' though is to minister in a remote tribal group here in Indonesia. That 'goal' is what we have been training for for over 4 years now. Our 'goal' at the moment is to reach a fluency level that allows us to function and have a ministry in this country. Therefor our 'goal' at the moment is to study language and culture and look to do the Lords work where ever and when ever possible. You may not understand the way things work for us and our organization but our 'goal' is to first learn the national language, then move to the region where you plan to minister (region, not city). After that you then learn that regional dialect and work on gaining contacts in your long term ministry area. After that you have then built up a long term foundation in your new country to allow you to move interior or function in a way to 'help' those missionaries interior.

Therefor what we are doing now is moving to our region (central Indonesia) and will plan on finishing our language study there. We have only live in Central Java at this point because of a Indonesia language school.

Yes, there is a large population of Christians that live in Manado. That is why we are super stoked to spend 6 months + there learning language and building lasting relationships from people that actually want to see us succeed. These people might even some day join or support tribal missions in there own country some day! For our 'long term goals' we too aren't really excited about living in a Christian area but then again that's why we left North America. By the way, where do you live?


P.S. I guess my answer wasn't very short after all….

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,
Thanks for your reply, I’m sure you will love Manado, from scan reading your blog it just struck me a funny place to go to convert people to Christianity, so thanks for explaining your wider plans. You must be pretty advanced at Indonesian already and will enjoy Manadonese as it has a nicer flow off the tongue.

I choose to remain anonymous, and didn’t think it would be a problem as it is an option you have granted your readers, I would suggest if you don’t like anonymous comments you change your blogger settings. You can do this by signing into Dashboard, clicking on your blog then clicking setting tab, click comments then set Who can comment? to only registered users.

Melissa said...

Hello Kanes! Nehemiah wanted to say hi to the girls--he was looking at their picture. Home groups started up again and we'll be making sure to pray for you guys as part of home group away from home!

labatterie said...

After that you then learn that regional dialect and work on gaining contacts in your long term ministry area.