Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week Three!

Three Weeks!

Starting a new week is always exciting for me… who knows what's going to happen!  In our last update we talked about "The Crash", and man, was it ever. Needless to say it's nice to be on to a new week. Ben found out that the hard drive is probably not fixable. He is going to send it to Singapore and see if they can do something there. Keep praying! The guitar on the other hand is fixable and for a very reasonable price. So yes, Austin, he will able to learn all those songs you gave him. :o) Most of the ants have gone and just an occasional cockroach, God it good!  He really does care about the little things too!

 This week we were able to find some time to do a little shopping. Hallelujah! We bought a desk for me and a much needed, bench to sit on, along with a few other things. There is a guy here who makes furniture out of old pallets, pretty cool, and very inexpensive. Also, we got some good language time in this week. You kind of start to think, " did I really forget THAT much?!". It's totally coming back, just takes a little work, and my Dad always said, "a little work never hurt anyone".

 On the other hand, Adelaide has finally decided that maybe it's okay to sleep at night. Getting some uninterrupted sleep really helps your out look on life. Gwendolyn, as we all know, is the excitement in our family and she had her birthday this weekend! The big four years old mark. I can not believe that she is already four! We are so thankful that God has entrusted her to us. It's amazing the amount of times a day she will make me smile, she is a clown. Every family needs one.

 This weekend we hosted our small group. Ben was able to share his testimony and some of what God has been showing him this past year. We played a little badminton after our brunch.  And let me tell you, there is a BIG difference between the girls game and then the boys game that followed. The girls were having fun. It was okay if you didn't know how to serve, you get two free tries!  It's okay if you don't know all the rules, fill them in as you go. :o) But the boys, well… they were spiking it, (yes, you can spike in badminton) They all talked over the rules before starting.They were able to keep it flying back and forth over the net more then, say, three times. We sure were created differently, huh!

 Well anyway, good week, very full but we enjoyed it. Maybe next weekend we'll take a day off, maybe..
God is good,~Ruth for the Kane Family

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