Sunday, April 25, 2010

Culture of the week!


This last week it was Gwen's 4'th birthday. Yeah, Gwen! But the weird thing was having to deal with the time differant from here in Indonesia and back in the States. What I mean is New Hampshire (where Ruth is from) we are 11hrs ahead and we are 14hrs ahead of California (where am from). So what we had to do was call family on Gwen's B-day in the morning say 7:00am. Well, that meant it was 5:00pm California and 8:00pm in New Hampshire. So when it was Gwen's B-day here and we called the States it wasn't yet Gwen's B-day there... Pretty weird eh?!

Here is a link to a 'real time' map of the world with times to help you keep track! We are considered in the Jakarta, Indonesia time.

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