Sunday, April 11, 2010

Storage _ Culture of the Week!

With coming back to Indonesia and un-packing our thing let's just say even Ruth and I were surprised to see what had occupied our things while we were gone!


Emily said...

Mr. Kane... THAT IS SICK!!! Glad that you and Mr. Kane can handle it. How about the girls?

Suddenly our ladybug problem doesn't seem so gross :-)

Miss you guys!

Emily said...

*sorry I meant Mrs. Kane :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, in another month or two, hopefully, you'll be looking back and laughing at how tough your readjustment was and you'll all be more rested and in a structured peaceful tempo. You're back in the field now, but not forgotten. Our prayers and good thoughts for you continue. God bless and keep you well. Love, Mom

Ben from Freedom Fellowship said...

Flaming Cheese! Those are some beastly roaches! And those ants are everywhere! Wow, you guys are really determined! Not too many people I know that could take that! Keep it up!

C Kane; M Kane said...


Karen from Freedom Fellowship said...

Mark & Ben encouraged me to watch your video. Yuck!! It was more than slightly disgusting, especially the Raid proof roaches. You have a lot of fortitude.

So sorry to see the picture of your broken guitar.

Blessing, peace and a good night's sleep for all of you.


Jake Ketchum said...

Was that your French Press that the ants were living in!?

Anonymous said...

Thank you - I now know where the Federal Gov imports the cockroaches in my bldg. For ants, try putting whole bay leaves down in your cabinets. It always worked for my mom in Fla.

You have way more courage than I do. I'd have never been able to get off the plane.
Take care.

Tamara said...

I feel like they are crawling all over me!

Laurie said...

You guys are stronger than me. Couldnt do it. I love you both! Ben, I love the videos, if ever you need another line of work, I think you've found it. Take care & I miss you! Give the girls hugs & kisses from Auntie Laurie.

Ben said...


it looks like those Roaches a were breeding under a rock... its a saying. "Like cockroaches breeding under a rock" YUCK!!!

Ants and poops I can handle ( OK not the ants) but roaches gross!!!