Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Saying "Good Byes"

Hope this letter finds you well, and you are having a fantastic week! We had a really nice time this last week visiting with my Mom, her church (freedom Fellowship), & the Eversons (Ruth’s sister Beth and her husband Jeremy and there 3 kids) also came up from Mexico to visit for the week. While we were there we had an awesome time! :) We just took the week to enjoy family. We ate all our meals together, played games, went to the park, and even went to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum! Ruth was also super excited because we still had a pile of gifts to give to my Mom & Ruth’s sister and family. Sure is fun to enjoy Christmas twice! : )

But honestly I think the reason our time together was SO sweet is because we knew this was our last time together for possibly a really LONG time… We just knew that we had to make the most of all the time we could and enjoy each other for what we had. On a brighter note, my Mom’s church “Freedom Fellowship” (GREAT to see you all!) has decided to join our ministry in Indonesia by becoming monthly givers! We’ve been seeing God move in new ways the past few weeks with some new supporters and having one of our church partners increase our support. We’re not sure how much this will add up to yet but this might raise our support by about 5%! Our NTM leadership goal for us is to reach at least at 65% support before we leave to funtion in a tribal ministry and now we only need 20% more to see that goal met! Isn’t that exciting?!

P.S. We also got to go to New Tribes Mission Aviation (NTMA) base our last day in AZ and..... Well, we will tell you about it later! :- )

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