Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Meet Baby Addie _ Video

We've been wanting to post a video of 'baby Addie' for a few weeks now, so this week We've been compiling some video clips and put them together to make this little video. The video is about 3min. long and complied with 4 or 5 different clips.Enjoy! : - )

Addie 3 months old'ish


Emily said...

Awww... she sure does makes a lot of noises! Cute, cute, cute =D

Thanks so much,

Mark from Freedom Fellowship said...

Way to totally distract our whole family. (Just kidding. We loved it.)

Miss you guys already.

Mark said...

So sweet she is, a precious gift to all of us.
Thanks for sharing,
Love Papa and Gma

Hemp said...

You guys sure do have small kids!!
She's SOOO cute!!! :)

Miss you!!!

Emily said...

I kinda sorta did it!!!
Thanks for the suggestion =)
Check out the Meet Bethany Video on my blog...


Benjamin said...

Sooooo cute!