Thursday, January 28, 2010

In-N-Out - Quality you can taste :)

This is the picture I've been waiting for! In-N-Out is a burger joint here on the west cost that I LOVE! Many of you might not know that I had the privilege of working at this food establishment for a few year in high school. What's all the fuss about you ask? I'll tell you! The whole company doesn't own a freezer nor do they use any heat lamps to keep your food warm. Which means everything is fresh and made to order! They only make burgers, fries & shakes and they do it well!

This is my order when I go in: A double-double (double meat, double cheese) no tomato, but add whole grilled onion, ketchup and well done please, fries (also well done), drink and chocolate shake!

Just remember, jealousy is a sin!
Love ya,

P.S. here is a website for the company


Jonathan said...

you forgot cold cheese man, its the best!

Ben & Ruth said...

Yeah, I use to be a big fan of the 'cold cheese' and I was adding pickles for a while but then I got tired of it. But as you say I think it's time to give it another try! Are we seeing you tomorrow night for dinner?


Glidewell Family said...

And don't forget their hidden Bible verses

Sarah Elwer said...

Nice! I'm glad you still do the well done fries! You're the one who introduced me to them!

Emily said...

So is bragging a sin???