Friday, October 02, 2009

A New Incredible (must see...) NTM Film! AWAYO

This video is particularly special to Ruth & I because the tribe is from West Papua, Indonesia and we personal know the missionaries working in that people group (the Moi).

In the remote corners of the world, unreached people groups have existed for generations.

They live in fear of the spirits.

They die without hope.

This is Awayo’s story.


Mark from Freedom Fellowship said...

This is an exceedingly cool and powerful film. Not just due to is awesome story and content, too. As a amateur filmmaker, I must say that whoever did the filming and cinematography did an excellent job. Stunning zooms, sweeping pans, captivating cut scenes, all while still retaining modesty.
A very well done film.

Please pass my sentiments to you friends.

C Kane; M Kane said...

Wow - what a moving video! Thanks so much for sharing! -ck

Ben from Freedom Fellowship said...

This was epic! How awesome! And I echo Mark's comments from a amateur filmer view. Very, very well made.