Tuesday, September 29, 2009

God's will for YOUR life.

I've FINALLY got the audio file up for you to listen (if you wish) to my sermon that I gave two weeks ago at one of our local churches her in NH while our Pastor was away on vacation.

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I thought the sermon turned out pretty good. I really like the subject of 'God's Will' and I think as you hunger for Jesus you'll like that subject more and more also. Sorry the beginning of the audio is a little choppy. Our sound guy wanted the audio to flow well and therefor stopped it when I had the church body greet each other but then had forgotten to re-start the audio until after my intro. So I'm late on uploading this because I had to find a recorder and rerecord my intro and patch it in before finishing...


PS. And no baby yet!!!!


Anonymous said...

All right, it is Tues. Sept. 29 and I am reading your post dated Wed. Sept. 30 ....... did I miss something??

Ben & Ruth said...

THX Dawn!

I checked our "time" stamp for our blog and it was 'still' on Indonesia time ((GMT + 09:00) Jayapura)! hahahahha

So, I just changed in back to Easter time and should be all set for a little while at least!

thx for noticing though.

Anonymous said...

Ben,Your sermon was really encouraging. Cindy Clifford