Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Could Today be the Day?

We just got back from an early morning baby Addie doctors check up. The doctor said everything looks good and normal! I (Ben) was super excited to go in and meet some doctors today in that with Chloe and Gwen I was able to go to ALL the midwifes/doctor visits but with Addie I've been so busy that this was my FIRST visit! Does that make me a bad father to Addie already?!

So there is still a little debate on 'when' Ruth's due date really is.... The doctors say Ruth is due in about another 8 days but Ruth's calculations had showed her due TODAY! I guess we'll see who is closer!

I had though we were REALLY going to the hospital last night! Ruth was having some harsh pains and had transitioned into a new stage of moody'ness! But after going potty and rolling over the pains kinda went away. The doctor said that was totally normal to have 'knife like shooting pains' in that area because the baby is continuing to drop down.

Sorry if this is too much information! We'll keep you posted....


Glidewell Family said...

Thanks Ben we are anxiously awaiting for the day. So frustrating when you don't have a clear due date. That happened with baby Cherokee. We some how got pregnant between miscarriage and Aces Kidney surgery and we just don't know how it was possible. This led to an inaccurate due date. I call her my miracle baby.

Leigh and Pat said...

8 more days!!!! Poor Ruth. I feel for her. That must be so hard. Thinking of you.

Julia Edmunds said...

Just wanted to say "thanks" for the continued updates. I love following your blog, even though I don't comment.

I pray for you guys often and wonder every day whether Addie is here yet.

Ken and Sherri said...

Ruth looks GREAT!!! Thanks for the picture! Hang in there Ruth. We are praying for you and Addie! God bless you all.