Monday, October 05, 2009

Baby Addie should be here soon!!!

We wanted to thank so many of you for your 'keeping up with us' / 'checking in' with us on our website and face-book! Your friendships and prayers encourage us and mean more to us then you know. Our situation with 'waiting to have a baby' grows with a greater intensity EVERY DAY! With the doctors thinking our due date was last Wednesday we are now 5 days passed, and soon to be 6. I feel awful for Ruth in that with each new day her discomfort grows as her body gets ready to deliver and baby Adelaide continues growing in her belly. Tomorrow we have a doctors appointment to talk about 'inducing' the baby. Ruth (and I if it counts for anything...ha!) feels that inducing is something she DOESN'T want, so we hope our new little girl comes on her own fast! Please be praying with us in God's timing and His peace in our lives during these last few stressful days.... Thank You! We'll update again soon.

Grace & Peace,
Ben, Ruth, Chloe, Gwen & soon Addie


ThePlattes said...

Now that's a belly!

C Kane; M Kane said...

Hang in there Ruth!!!

Sarah Elwer said...

Oh I know that talk with the dr. all too well! Ruth i am praying for your body and baby to work in perfect harmony without any intervention! I don't know if you have experienced it yet but an induced labor is a hard labor, put it off as long as you possibly can (at least 42 weeks). Bit again, I am praying for you now and praying that you won't even have to go to your appointment because you will already be in active labor!

Anonymous said...

Thinking and praying for you guys. Hang in there Ruth.

The Chesters said...

Hey Kanes,
We are praying for you all. My kids are watching your excited about the baby! There are things that the doctor can do that do not involve medication.
We will pray to that end and trust that He will see you through this every step of the way. He has not left you!