Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pray about surgery on Monday

Dear prayer warriors,

The doctors say that if we are going to do surgery, the longer we wait the worse things will get. The only day they could fit her in this week was Monday, so we've agreed to have surgery on Monday. Joanna is rapidly losing right-side vision, and language ability, which will only get worse if we wait and the tumor grows. Unfortunately, these are also the things that she stands the biggest risk of losing with surgery. We are asking God to protect her through this. She will begin surgery prep around 6am Monday morning. Thank you in advance for your prayer during this time.
We were allowed to come home Friday afternoon and spent Saturday & Sunday morning with the kids and her family. We are very thankful for this time together.

In the hands of the Great Physician,

Curtis for Joanna, Natalie, Reuben, & Kaylie Bergman


Mark from Freedom Fellowship said...

I will definitely be praying and I will make sure to make an announcement at church on Sunday.

Ben from Freedom Fellowship said...

I'll keep Joanna in mind, Ben. We'll all keep her in mind and we'll pray for the healing Jesus died for to be given to her.