Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quick Surgery Update

Praise the Lord for protecting Joanna today, He absolutely was in control of the surgery!

Joanna came out of surgery at about 5:30pm today (about 5-6hours of surgery), and the surgeon was very happy with how she did. They were able to remove a lot of tumor, without losing very much (maybe not any) of her language ability. It seems like she has no motor loss and its tough to tell about vision because she had already lost so much right side vision that its hard to tell if its any worse or still the same. This is a huge answer to prayer as they were almost certain she would have major language problems after surgery. She talked and answered their questions throughout the surgery, and she is trying to fight the nurses off to get some sleep now:) Thank you all so much for the many prayers today! I'll update more tomorrow,

Thanking God for His grace in this tough day,

Curtis for Joanna


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!!!

Ben from Freedom Fellowship said...

Wonderful!!! We'll keep praying for restoration of sight and any other things she lost because of the tumor. In the name of Jesus, I declare that the tumor is not coming back and that Joanna WILL be healed of this. Thank you, Father, for the skilled surgeons who took care of her. In the mighty name of Jesus, AMEN.

Kane said...

What a blessing to hear the good news about the surgery! We send our love and prayers to the whole family. Rest in Him and rejoice, we claim His healing.
Irish and Judy

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Praise the Lord!!