Wednesday, March 04, 2009

New Prayer Card!

(click on the picture for a 'full resolution) size

Can you believe we finally got a new prayer card?!

If you haven't seen us and gotten one of our new prayer cards you can copy & paste this picture above and print your own and/or you can take it some where (Wal-Mart) to get it printed. And of course you can always let us now you would like one and we'll mail it to you. : - )

*Note: All of our monthly financial partners will be getting one in the mail shortly.


Rich Kirkpatrick said...

So, Ben when is our coffee?

Hope all is going well for you guys!

Glidewell Family said...

Love IT!

Dave & Katie said...

Nice prayer card guys! Like it a lot!

Anonymous said...

It is great to see a prayer card with some of the people you will be serving on it! Looking forward to seeing you guys!
The Plattes

Pastor Rob Foster said...

That's a great picture. Can't wait to see you guys again.