Friday, February 20, 2009

Joanna is home from the hospital

Joanna came home from the hospital on Wednesday after staying there one night. The Drs. feel that there is no clinical change in her head, meaning it does not seem that there is any change in the size of the tumor, so the seizures are now just part of the package and she has escaped that part up to now. She has no visible evidence that anything is different, ie. loss of speech, weakness in the right side, etc. So, she will be going back for another blood test today (Friday) to see if the anti seizure medication is at the right level and she will have a follow-up appt. with a neurologist who can monitor her more closely. Both Cutis & Joanna are still feeling good about how things are going, in that she is actually more healthy in her immune system now.

We tried to change Ruth, Chloe & Gwen's ticket up a week or so but with no avail. Praise the Lord it seems Joanna is stable for right now, though they are getting adjusted to the new meds. Ruth and the girls will be flying out on Friday to New Hampshire. Thank you for your continued prayer!

~Ben & Ruth


Glidewell Family said...

Thanks for the update!

Paul and Sheila Gunderson said...

Hi Ben and Ruth,
We appreciate your blog and updates about Curtis and Joanna so much. I'm sure this is such a difficult time to go through as a family. We are praising God with you that you've been able to return and will get to spend time together. We are praying for you guys and your family.
love, Sheila

Anonymous said...

Ben and Ruth,
Thanks for the updates on Joanna. All of our smallgroup couples have been diligently praying for Curtis Joanna and your family....and last night they asked if there was anything we could do for them as a group. Please let me know if there is something we could do for them (financially, care package, etc.) We continue to pray!
Love, Nikki Hein (