Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ruth's Home!!! : )

Today is the day! Chloe, Gwen & I were able to drive down to the airport and pick Ruth up this morning. She really enjoyed her time home in the States visiting family, friends & most of all Joanna. Everything went well for her travels she said except they lost her checked luggage somewhere! Please be praying about this if you think about it. Ruth was able to buy a lot of things that we needed in the States while there. In our luggage was also our laptop. Because the screen isn't working again she knew she couldn't bring it on as a carry on. So all this to say we so pray & hope that her luggage makes it back to us soon!!!

But luggage aside right now were all just thrilled to have Ruth home. We plan on taken a nice easy weekend around the house and then we'll be hitting the books of language study again on Monday!

Thanks for all your prayers & support of this situation with Joanna having terminal cancer & with Ruth flying back for a 3 week visit.

Serving with you in Indonesia,
~Ben for the Kane's

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Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! I'm glad Ruth is safely home!!! PTL!