Sunday, November 02, 2008

Found Luggage!

Thank you for all who were praying with us on this! We got the call from the air port and I was almost happy to make the 3 hr round trip drive to the air port at 6:30 this morning go and pick up Ruth's luggage today. We're very happy/relieved to have everything now here safe & sound.

Thanks again!

Have you ever had your luggage lost? Any good stories out there?


Jonathan said...

Remember when my luggage was lost on my way home from new hampshire for your wedding? storm hit and had to reschedule my flight and the new flight route didnt allow much time for my luggage to make the 3 connections i had to make. they delivered it to my house though, that was the silver lining.

Ben & Ruth said...

Ya, I remember something about how you had to get a taxi but you didn't have enough money to pay for it and you needed my Dad's help for something. I remember Ruth and I were walking around the inside of the B&B and I was literally standing/walking through the 'only' place in the house that I had a cell phone signal and you called me just then!

Good time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben and Ruth,
YES we had some luggage lost on our way to visit Hannah in Nepal last January. We were delayed over night in NYC and when we finally arrived in Kathmandu our luggage didn't, until 2 days later. The worst part?? I had a frozen solid delmonico steak in the bags for Hannah who hadn't had meat in 4 months! It smelled bad (really bad) when we finally pulled it out, but after washing it was fine. No fire, so we had to pan fry it in some nasty oil, and it really wasn't good but she was thrilled! And we gave a few bites to kids in the orphanage whose comments were "we are eating our national animal."
Moral of the story is, take this kind of thing on carry one and hope they let it through!