Friday, March 07, 2008

Our Visas have been APPROVED!

(not this kind of Visa...)

We just received word a few days ago from New Tribes Indonesia that our Visas have finished pre-approval from the Indonesian gov. and now have been sent to the L.A Indonesian Embassies. Our next step will be to apply for our Visas locally in L.A., and have them stamped into our passports. Our LORD is truly gracious and amazing! Each new Visa for Indonesia is definitely a miracle, direct from HIS omnipotent hand!

After talking with field leadership our set arrival day to move to Indonesia is April 16! Keep checking out the countdown at the top of our blog as we continue to prepare for our leaving.

In awe of our LORD's faithfulness,
The Kane Family

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Norm said...

Congrats guys, we're super excited for you and look forward to reading about your adventures!