Friday, March 07, 2008

Practical Needs List

(Everything has been provided for us!)
Thank You : )
We are preparing to leave and getting ready to pack our things for Indonesia! With that said if you would like to purchase something from whats left on our needs list below could you please contact us and let us know by Friday March 14 so that we can pack! Thank You : )
-We would greatly appreciate your help!
The Kane's

Pots & Pans (all clad or pampered chief)

8qrt., 4qrt., 2 & 1/2qrt., 4qrt. Sauté & the large fry pan.

Flatware (stainless steel)

Stephanie Satin 45-pc. from Target


Chicago Cutlery Insignia Steel 12-Piece Knife set

Price: 79.99

Good 13 x 9 pan

Williams-Sonoma Commercial-Quality Rectangular Cake Pan

Salad spinner

OXO Salad Spinner from Target

2 pair of Queen Sheets (at least 300 thread count)
*2 pair of Twin Sheets (at least 300 thread count)

LINKSYS Wireless Router
LINKSYS WRT54GL IEEE 802.3/3u, IEEE 802.11b/g

L.L. Bean

Emergency Weather Radio, FR-300

Three Watt LED Lantern
(Being provided for us) Thank You!


2-Sided Pro Griddle

Battery Storage System

Baby Food Maker

Ancient-Style Butter Crock

Balloon Powered Boats
$3.95 (we may need 2!)


Amazon Book Wish List!

Click here
to view Chloe & Gwen's list.


Anonymous said...

all items have currently been provided

Anonymous said...

is this true??? all your needs on here have been received??

Hemp said...

Hey Kanes!

Why do you need a baby food maker? Are you pregnant again, Ruth?

Ben & Ruth said...

This is TRUE! :)
All of our practical needs from our list have been provided for us! Thank you all SO much for helping provide these things for us. We are blessed!

-The Kane's

P.S. And no Hemp, not pregnant! Good question though.