Saturday, September 29, 2007

Friends In Action!!!

Yesterday we got to feel a little more like real missionaries! We needed to send 3 bins, 4 duffel bags, and a box (all weighing in at a little more then 300 hundred pounds...) ahead of us to California. Our little Subaru wasn't looking like it wanted to carry all these things that we're planing on bringing to Indonesia. So what do missionaries do when they want to ship something? They call "Friends In Action" to help them out!

FRIENDS purpose is to assist missionary groups and individuals around the world with similar purposes in helping to lighten their load in some way -- enabling them to continue in their work of “reaching the unreached”.
FRIENDS in Action...
Equipping, Sending, Drilling, Building, Assisting, Accelerating the work OF REACHING THE UNREACHED!

We wanted to send a BIG thank you to "Friends in Action" for being so nice & shipping our thing! Also, thanks to all of you who have been encouraging us, praying for us, and financially supporting us.

To the Ends of the Earth,
The Kane's

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Sarah said...

Have you found any place in CA to stay yet?