Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Coming To Your neighborhood! : )

Yes! We have started our pilgrimage West!!! We left New Hampshire this morning and went strait North to see our friends the Copeland's for a few days. Next we're off to Durham, Canada for half a week to see our old friends/teachers from school and our church in Alma! After that we spend 3 weeks in Michigan visiting friends from Covenant Life Community Church. Then a swing over to Wisconsin to visit my brother Chris & his wife Melissa for a few days. After that we head down to Missouri for a few days to visit Ruth's brother Micah! Then over to Colorado to visit Laban & Kate. Next a week visit in Arizona with my Mom! After that we plan on moving to Southern California for about 4 and a half months to minister in some churches, visit old friends & family!

We hope these visits will be good times of fellowship and opportunities to share our Lords work with unreached tribal people in Indonesia.

If we're going to be in your area please give us a call and we'll plan a day to see you! We would love to see as many friends & family as we can before leaving for Indonesia in April!

Because He said "Go!"
~Ben for the Kane Family

P.S. Please be praying for a place for us to stay while in California. This is the one place that we're not sure where God would have us... Thank You! : )


Jim Thorn said...

We sure do miss you and love you all - know that we are praying for you all along the way!!

Jim( for all the Thorns)

Ben & Ruth said...

Thanks Guy's,
We sure love & miss you too! : - )

FennellFanClub said...

So if you're going to go to Wisconsin from Michigan, and it's not to much trouble we would love to see you guys. I can make you dinner or breakfast or lunch. Whatever. Let me know. Julie

Darcy said...

Kanes, make sure you come to the office and find me down in the "hole" It would be great to see you guys!

Denise said...

So when will you be swinging though Michigan? You said you'd stop by! :) It would be so cool to see you guys!!