Monday, February 10, 2014

The wonder of the Hens

Six months is starting to peek its head around the corner, as I am counting up the time since we got our new chicks. So sweet and small when they arrived. Now as there are thoughts of egg laying popping into their heads, it is hard to remember where the time has gone!
 It has been a marvel of loving and learning, failure and success, and oh the joy of responsibility. Chickens never sleep in. Most days the girls and I have enjoyed scrapping out of bed in the morning to get them their breakfast, but as the days grew colder, it got harder and harder. Thankfully we are now out of the din of deep winter and about to turn the corner of spring. With that, the hens seem to have taken on a new love of life and egg laying. Our egg count is up from a meager 4 a day to whopping 20! Almost everyday, Chloe and Gwen, tell me we have a new record high! Today we are hoping for 25, oh, the excitement of it all! One of the best parts in how amazing they are. There is just something about enjoying eggs from a farm, you know where they came from, what the hens were treated like and what they ate. We love our ladies and really love their eggs! Here is a bit of the process of where we started to where we are now.


Winslowfamilyofsix said...

That's awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Good description, Ruth, of being a young mother raising children on an organic farm. Really enjoyed your writing and the photos.