Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pasture Pork!

  We are now taking reservations for spring piglets here on the farm. We require a $150 deposit for a whole or $100 for a half a pig. We respect animals and feel that they should be allowed to live as naturally as possible while under our care. These pigs will really live the good life and they are to be butchered as humanely as possible. We will be using a small time butcher, not a commercial slaughterhouse, we want to ensure that these animals are treated humanely and the meat is not mixed up with that of other animals. We feed predominately Poulin grain which is hormone and antibiotic free and garden scraps.

 Fill your freezer this year with good, healthy, humanely raised, delicious pork. Every year the taste is so much better than store bought, and the pigs enjoy their lives while they're here, unlike the meat you buy in the supermarket. These pigs will be raised free range. Living in a natural environment gives them access to the things pigs need and love. We will be ‘finishing’ our pigs on orchard apples to help improve the meat.

We sell our pork by the pound as a whole pig or half of a pig. Our pork is $3.50/lb and you also pay the processing which will total about $.75 cents/lb. A whole pig is about 180lbs of pork and a half is about 90lbs.

**We plan on buying piglets in the spring for those who have pre-ordered (w/ deposit). We raise them for about 7 months before they are large enough to butcher.

***Customers who refer a friend who then pre-orders (w/ deposit) will receive $20 dollars off their bill! 

Stop by and visit our farm (and your pig) anytime and see for yourself the benefits of ‘farm fresh’.

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