Sunday, May 01, 2011

Upcoming Visa trip

Continuing to move forward!

Well, life has been full these past couple of months. From the blessing of our fourth child, grumpy as he may be, to the visit and departure of my sister, Leah. I just wanted to fill you in on a few of the highlights.

 Isaiah Michael, he has been a joy and a challenge. Being our first boy we weren’t sure what to expect. for the first few months he was quite colicky, so being low on sleep and not sure what the problem was I found myself more irritable to say the least. :) Praise the Lord and thank you to all who were praying, he is now very enjoyable to be around!

 Leah Noel, my youngest sister, was here for just under three months. It was the first time in my whole married life (7 1/2 yrs.) that she and I have been able to spent significant time together. It was a very enjoyable and special time to say the least. She left this past Sunday, Easter, to fly back to New Hampshire. I still get a little teary eyed thinking about her being gone. She was a huge blessing and help to our family while she was here. Today, even one of our good Indonesian friends mentioned how empty it seemed with out her. 

 Ben is back in full time language study and has been for over a month now. He has been making great progress and really enjoys helping out where ever he can. The other day he had the opportunity to be a listening ear to one of our friends who just lost their grandmother. Not knowing if she was a believer or not was hard for our friend to work through. Ben was encouraged to have his first experience with being able to minister. He was thankful for the opportunity to encourage our friend that it’s a hard reminder, but we are in a true battle for souls and to continue on.

There is something that is in our near future that I would like to ask prayer for. We are getting ready to fly to Singapore, we leave on the 11th of May. This will our second time flying some where for visa work with all four of the kid. Let me tell you, it’s not easy and Leah wont be there to help us this time! Please be praying for smooth travel and no delays. Also, visa’s are expensive and having them come so close after moving is not easy. God has already provided so much through you, our teammates, please pray that we would continue to lean on Him and trust that He will provide.

Thanks for your prayers,
~Ruth for the Kane fam

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