Sunday, May 01, 2011

Culture of the Month!

One thing that we have noticed is Indonesian people know how to express themselves for events! Whether its a birthday party, Christmas or a funeral they make a BIG deal out of it!

This picture is one of many big crosses that have been build around the town and in neighborhoods. And they are not always in front of a church! On this Cross "Selamat" means "congratulations, happy, welfare" and "Paskah" means Easter.

We were all really excited to see this last week. It's a replica of the open tomb! I think this one was build in front of a church that is being build. The other one we saw was build on a vacant lot in a neighborhood. 

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Mark from Freedom said...

Thats pretty funny considering that it seems like people in the US seem to try to avoid anything remotely Christian about Easter (unless they are trying to sell you new Easter clothes.)((For a fancy dinner, of course...))