Monday, January 10, 2011

Prayer Request

After talking with my parents yesterday I realized we have A LOT of prayer request this month that I would like to share with you!

1) We (I say we... ha!) are having a baby is less this 3 weeks! Yikes! Please be praying about this is that this is our first experience with having a baby in a foreign country. They have MANY different ideas of 'how to deliver' a baby here and that makes us very uncomfortable. Please Pray

2) Ruth sister Leah is coming to visit us later this month (Praise be to Jesus!) to stay and help us for 3 months with having a new baby. Leah still has much to get figured out with plane tickets, visas, packing, etc.Please Pray

3) Poor Gwen has been potty trained at least 3 times in her little life but when stress comes or a new move she starts peeing her pants again. After talking with a friend and doing some research we found out that some kids have a low level bladder infection that will cause inflammation of the bladder and therefor cause 'peeing oneself'. We have her on special meds that should clear this up in about a week. But, with stress some kids just react differently. Many missionary kids (MK's) show signs of stress with regressing, starting to stutter, or maybe in Gwen's case bladder infections. Please Pray

4) I didn't mention in our update but are new house isn't actually ready for us to move into yet so in wanting to be out of our last situation and wanting to be close by for working with the workers with our new rental we are staying in a NTM guest house close to the campus. Praise the Lord though we are planning on moving into our new house (although still not finished) tomorrow! We have MUCH to do in regards to transition at the moment and with having a new baby soon this is NOT ideal. Please Pray

5) With this being the first in our married life (7 years!) that Ruth and I plan on settling down for a while we suddenly find ourselves in need of furniture for the first time! All of our previous houses/places to stay have had loaner/rented furniture for use, this is the first time we need to buy and settle into a house all by ourselves. The reason I'm mentioning this and asking for prayer is buying 'new' furniture (dining room table, chairs, beds, dressers, living room furniture, visitor/front room furniture, desk, desk chair, book shelves, i.e. just about everything) and it's looking to be expensive (they don't have craigeslist, auctions, pawn shops etc. here)! Please Pray

Thank you for finding time to put your request before the Lord on our behalf. We are not too worried about these things and always trust the God has a plan, and that plan is a good one.

Grace & Peace,
Ben & Ruth

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear the reality of things -we continue to pray for God's provision in all the situations upcoming - Love you all, Mom J