Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 House Tour _Manado Indonesia

We have moved!

As of this week we have officially moved yet again... Ruth and I (plus kids or course) had been living in an NTM guest house down the rd from our new house for two weeks while waiting for the owner of our rental to finish her visit and head back to her ministry in West Papau, Indonesia. As the day came for us to leave the NTM guest house and move into our place we kinda realized something very important was ‘missing’ and we then released how important this ‘thing’ is to everyday life. The answer, WATER! Our new house has been being built for 3 years and is still being finished. With that is mind the house is plumed and ready for water BUT the well isn’t finished yet! The guy’s from the mission school have been GREAT with coming over every day and working on fixing and finishing things in and around the house.

Please be praying for us during these next few weeks though. Ruth has found living in our new house difficult at the moment with so many people coming in and out and with so many things being unfinished. When you wash your dishes, cook, shower or clean remember to pray for us this week and maybe into the next! Also, it’s culturally appropriate to cook an afternoon meal for the workers. But without running water and ‘just’ moving in that too is very difficult. Ruth has asked for a helping hand from one of our neighbors to handle buying & making food for our workers while they are here. She is a smart girl. :)
On a more positive note our new house is VERY nice and we look forward to living here for a while once things are finished and set up. It’s also been such a joy to hang out with the guy’s from the NTM national training program and begin building friendships, studying language & Culture, and looking for opportunities for discipleship while at the house.

Grace & Peace,
Ben, Ruth, Chloe, Gwen, Addie & Baby to come soon!

P.S. Without further anticipation & seeing as SO many of you seem to enjoy or little movies I have spent some long nights and hours uploading a new 'house tour' video for you! :)


Anonymous said...

Great video guys. You did a great job helping us step into your life a little. And man it makes me pray even harder :) Just a note, Ibu Juarni's husband, Elia, was Indonesian not American. There's a picture of them in the office on the right as you walk in...and a letter that he wrote. It's like modern Jim Elliott. It's such an encouragement to me. Miss you guys and wish we were there with you (even tho we love here of course) AMY

Anonymous said...

Hemat air :)