Sunday, June 13, 2010

Quick Update....

I was thinking that not much had happened these last two weeks but after just sitting down and talking with Ruth a bit we realized that it’s been busy and eventful as usual! Our big excitement is Ruth and I have almost finished our first whole unit at our language school and have seen a lot of much needed growth in our ability to communicate after forgetting so much from our time in the States! My personal big accomplishment was after many late nights I finally finished our 2009 taxes! I know it’s already June but the IRS automatically gives a 2 month extension for citizens out of country. Nice eh?! It’s taken me a bit longer because this has been the first year we’ve really learned ‘how’ to file with being missionaries out of the United States working for New Tribes Mission. Of course in this process we learned that our 2008 taxes will need to be amended... bummer
But moving away from boringness, our highlight this week was tonight! We had a family from our church here just ‘drop in’ for a visit tonight! It’s cultural here to drop in on people now and then and we had the best time talking and hanging out for a few hours until it was starting to get late and it was time to depart. But it’s relationships like these that help encourage and spur us on in ministry here!
We do have some prayer request for you as we finish out this update. I Ben got pretty sick for a day this last week. I’ve been getting up early (5:00am) to start my days (which has been awesome) but there are some nights after Bible studies that I stay out late with my friends. It’s because of this I think I had a bad bought of vertigo and was pretty much useless for a day with dizziness and migraines. Please be praying that I can continue to figure out a schedule that works well for our family and my body to NOT see this happen again or often. Then as of today Chloe has been very sick. Our local nurse said that she has dengue fever. Dengue fever can be a very serious infection that is normally spread by mosquitoes. To learn more about it Google it and see what you can find. Some of the main symptoms include a hight fever, headache, muscle and joint pains. Pretty sad for a 5 year old... :( Please be praying with us that she get’s better real soon!

Culture of the week - Chicken Feet!

As some of you may have guessed We some times run into some pretty strange/unusual foods here in Indonesia. One of my favorite this past month has been eating (for the first time in my life!) fried chicken feet! My friend had ordered some and insisted I give them a try. And yes, to my surprise it tasted like chicken!

God Bless,
 Ben, Ruth, Chloe, Gwen & Addie

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