Sunday, May 30, 2010

3 become 1 & 2 new additions!

God is active
These last two weeks have been full of goodness! Let me first start 'breaking down' the title of this update for you. The "3 became 1" is about our girls. Addie has always been a horrible sleeper and Ruth and I had gotten to the point of not being able to handle our exhaustion anymore because of this. We decided to try something new... We put Addie in the same room with Chloe & Gwen and all three of them love it and Addie is sleeping better!  Praise the Lord!
Our “2 new additions” are awesome! We have been a little worried in our new house rental because it’s been broken into in the past and so when ever I hear a noise at night I have to get up and check things out (doesn’t make for a good nights rest!). God knew all this in advance and worked things out where there happens to be a nice big golden retriever named Shack that needed a home! The girls were thrilled, to say the leased!!! Then as if that wasn’t good enough Ruth was walking out one night this week to lock the front gate and she found a house bird standing in front of our door! It’s called a Kutilang bird here and Chloe and I got to go buy it a cage and some food today. God is SO good to us! :)
Ruth & I have started up back in school as of two weeks now and have really appreciated being back. We spend 4 hrs a day Monday through Friday at a school studying our brains out with Bahasa Indonesian! With our main job at the moment being language Ruth is expected to get in between 20 & 30 hrs a week and I’m expected to get in my 40 hrs. We’ve been finding that with class, home work, Bible studies, town meetings, church and just walking around and enjoying our neighbors that it’s been easy to go above and beyond whats expected of us! I was even super excited to be able to lead a Bible study this past last week on the subject of "God's Will for your life"! But it was mostly in English... One of my main passions right now is to study all the words needed to be able to give my testimony at church and Bible studies here in the area.
We also have a praise and prayer request to finish this update. Before coming back to Indonesia our monthly support was at about 40%. Sense then it’s grown to about 57%! We wanted to again say “Thank You” to you who have become part of our team in joining the work that God has started here in Indonesia. It is truly a huge praise! Our prayer request is that you would continue to pray with us for more financial partners in our ministry. NTM leadership has told us that our monthly support needs to be at least 65% to enable us to live in a remote location with our family while working with the Taliabo people come this next year. We don’t want you to give less at your local church and if your already supporting a missionary we don’t want to distract you from that either. But if your not would you pray and consider joining our team? Please contact us if you have any questions.
Because He said "Go!"
Ben, Ruth, Chloe, Gwen, & Addie


Anonymous said...

What fun to have a doggie! How's that going? And a new "house" bird for a watch "dog." Also, I would recommend a baseball bat and wasp spray for Ruth :) And that would be to keep you away until you use the plastic gloves!

Melissa said...

So glad you are getting more sleep! Who would have thought putting three girls together would make them sleep better?! :) Oh man, super gross video with the potty! I was wondering what your girls thought of doing that... Maybe with boys it would actually make potty training easier.. "You get to touch your poop" "Cool!"

Lauralea said...

Yes! He said GO!
I've read your blog through, and I am very blessed to hear of how ya'll are sharing the good news. Jesus Bless You!