Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Resurrection Day!

We had a really nice day yesterday! We started the day with reading from Luke about the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ and talked all about it the best we could with a 5 and soon to be 4 year old. We also had our old friends the Abbotts over for an Easter dinner and an egg hunt. What fun we had! We enjoyed some American traditions and even had some roasted chicken, ham, salad, and mashed potatoes for dinner. Yummy!

We've known the Abbotts for 8 yrs plus and met them back at the NTM Bible school in Jackson, Michigan. It's so amazing to have so many good friends over here that we met on the other side of the world! : ) Thanks guy's!

What did you do for Easter? Any fun/good family traditions to share?


Glidewell Family said...

Ok for a split second I thought it was Ace Glidewell in the picture but no it was Ben. For the past 12 years Ace has worn a green T-Shirt to bed. Sooo, I think that is why I thought Ben was him. Happy Easter you all! We had a Very Stressful weekend doing everything Americans do to make it a memory making weekend.

Norm & Debra said...

Hi Kanes! Our was a little different! It was our anniversary weekend so Deb and I went away together. We drove up to Palo Alto, CA to visit the Redwood forests. The boys stayed home with grandma and grandpa. Miss you guys!