Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Arrived back Safe & Sound

We are excited to be back!

We are back in Salatiga, central Java - Indonesia and we 'hit the ground running' as we had expected. But it sure is GOOD to be back! Every day we've been unpacking, organizing, cleaning, watching the girls and tryingto get some sleep! Since being back I (Ben) have been very excited to have already had some ministry opportunities. When I went to the post office I met a man from Australia and as we got talking I told him 'why' I was here and we couldn't help but start talking about how he only plays the role of being a Christian and goes to church on Easter & Christmas to please his parents and earn some kind of points with God. I shared some  verses with him that I had memorized and really pleaded with him to read the Gospels and Romans and pray that God would help him to understand truth. Then as we we're driving to the airport our taxi driver was a Hindu and after I explained why we were here he asked me if we as Christians had merit.Another great open door! I got to share with him John 3:16 in Indonesian and explain that Jesus is our merit. He paid the 'full' price for our sins and we have complete acceptance with God and don't have to try to earn it. He will always except us and love us as He sees His Son in us! We are thankful that God has been encouraging us through these experiences and many others. This mission field is truly ripe for the harvest but we just need more workers!

Ruth and I want to again thank you for your friendships, prayers, & support for us. We understand in a very real way how vital you are to us being here. Without you holding us up in prayer and sending us we couldn't be here serving our Lord as His hands and feet in Indonesia. Please continue to be praying for our adjustment and support. We still have a long way to go to Begin to feel comfortable here again and we are hoping to find out what our monthly support is soon but we are waiting for our new supporters so we can make a clear assessment. But we are hopeful that we are getting close to the NTM recommended support of 65% to be able to work in the remote area where the Taliabo live. 

Because the world needs Jesus!
Ben, Ruth, Chloe, Gwen & Addie 

– Matthew 28:18-20

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Rob Foster said...

Wow thanks so much for the video and for letting us know that you have arrived in Indo. It is great to see that you are in your new place and starting to get settled in... post a video of the house and yard when you get a chance!