Thursday, February 18, 2010

Please be praying for Baby Addie

As a parent there is always a side of you that tries to make life 'perfect' for your child. We had been doing well at this little goal for over 4 months, never dropped her or had any dramatic things happen (other then birth!). Unfortunately this all ended this week! No we didn't drop her but she did get a diaper rash (gotta hurt) and know has her first cold! The poor thing has been burning up for the past 2 days... We've bought some 'Motrin Infants' drops' and it has helped keep her fever down and with the sleeping at night.

We appreciate your prayers on our little ones behalf!

I guess we don't live in a 'perfect world' after all. BUT..... Some day those of us who have been redeemed will!!!



Emily said...

oh... poor girl. sicknesses are going around, we have been trying to protect Bethany too. we will definitely be praying for her!

Anonymous said...

Poor little Addie. So sorry she's sick. Take her to the doctor if her fever gets very high or anything in her chest.

Love you all,