Thursday, February 18, 2010

Great News! (diaper grant)

Coming Together

As our time here in the States is beginning to come to an end (about a month left!) we have been overwhelmed to see God take care of us through so many of you! In this past week a family has taken us to Disneyland for the day (SO much fun for us and the girls!), a local church covered our tickets to a 'sweet heart dinner' for Valentines day, my parents babysat our girls and let Ruth and I have some much needed rest just the two of us (well.... AND Addie of course!), and we’ve thoroughly enjoying getting to share a meal with so many! All of those things and more have been wonderful and much appreciated.

Today we had a new surprise! As many of you may know from our website we posted a ‘Practical Needs List’ for things that we ‘practically need' before heading back to Indonesia. One of those items was “Cloth Diapers” because we’re not going to be able to buy disposable diapers nor be able to properly dispose of them while living in a remote village in the jungle of Indonesia. Well, we had heard from some of our missionary friends that the major brand for cloth diapers is a Christian company and they give diaper grants for overseas missionaries. We applied for the grant and today we were accepted. All the cloth diapers and accessories they are sending is saving us about $350 dollars. Isn’t this awesome?!

As for now we still have much preparation to do for our return to Indonesia. This week we're planning on buying plane tickets to go back to Indonesia in mid March and were going to the Indonesian consulate in Los Angeles for our years in country visa's. Please be praying that we find plane tickets for our whole family at a good price and that our visa application/process goes smoothly and fast.

We appreciate you very much. We cannot do this without the partnership of the body of Christ. Thanks for being involved with our lives. Thanks for your friendship over the years.

Because the world needs Jesus!
Ben, Ruth, Chloe, Gwen & baby Addie

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