Sunday, November 22, 2009

Membership, Indians & Mom!

Sorry for the bit of a hiatus with posting everyone! I think some times we just need a break! But the good news is we hope the 'break' is OVER! Let the posting begin.

Membership:Our church here back East here has 'church membership' and seeing as how Ruth & I think of Park Street Baptist church as our 'East Cost' home church we wanted to become members. It was a fun little ceremony in that we get to go upfront and everyone gives us the 'Right hand of fellowship' hand shake!


Ruth really enjoys giving the girls craft projects to do and the girls talk about Indians a lot so Ruth decided to 'make them Indians'! The girls had a lot of fun running around with their head bans & underwear with the new code names "Screaming Eagle" & "Running Horse".


As for "Mom" we are excited and blessed to have my (Ben) out for a week visit from Arizona! She is really enjoying getting to meet our new baby girl. Tomorrow we are excited to celebrate my Mom's birthday and I hope to post pictures of the day then.

It's 8:00 pm here and I'm exhausted & going to bed!

Ta'ta for now,


Emily said...

Thanks for posting... hope to see lots more little girlie photos soon =)

Anonymous said...

Umm, I must say, I take offense to the liberal use of "Indians" in this post. I feel the appropriate term is ", okay, nevermind I couldn't keep a straight face through that little whatever. Anywho, how adorable are those girls! Gotta say, I miss walking them to sleep!

All our love,
Isaac and Neena