Saturday, November 21, 2009

The life of a missionary

This is an update of some friends of ours working in a tribe in Indonesia. We though you might enjoy reading it.

So, how was your week? Our went something like this...

Maret returned and he is doing GREAT!!! He was out shooting his bow and arrow with all his buddies yesterday! PTL

A virus is making its rounds through the village the older people are having a hard time and don't seem to be able to kick it. We are on week 2 and it is still going strong.

Obet is super sick. We have started him on TB meds after consulting with the nurse in town on day 3 of taking the meds he slammed the door when we came.

Matias shot himself in the toe with his pellet gun so came to get that out.

Beceba is coughing up blood and has lost tons of weight so I started her on TB meds.

Maxi cut himself with his machette and his leg is super swollen.

Salinkon and Aboltangi from T2 were extremely ill from maybe TB and the virus.

Sally came with a gangrene infection on his thumb. That is the weirdest thing I have seen.

Karella came last week with a swollen lymph in her groin so we gave her some meds but this week she decided to slice it open with bamboo so now she has a huge infected sore.

Yohanis is sick with pneumonia.

Those were just the big things that came outside of our medical clinic this week. We have become really good at giving shots. Most of the things are getting better but talk about a busy week! Please pray for the health of these people and wisdom, strength and energy as we offer medical care while learning language so that one day we can present the gospel in their language and they can be saved.

So what do you think? What to be a missionary?

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