Wednesday, September 09, 2009


We are sorry for our lack of 'Updates' this past week or so. Unfortunately things with Ruth and baby Addie coming have really slowed down a bit sense our big "Today might be the day!" post last week. Ruth is still having contractions off and on and has even started drinking 'Red Leaf Raspberry Tea' in that it is said to help with speeding along labor. So we'll see.....

But yes, there has been a bit of a 'let down' this past week or so. We are SO EXCITED to meet our little Adelaide that we just pray it happens soon! But no worries. We'll be bring our laptop to hospital and I'll update as we can!

Hope to be updating soon (from the labor & delivery ward that is.....),



Emily said...

We are sooooo excited too!!! Can't wait to hear news about her arrival! =)

Glidewell Family said...

Oh well just make sure she is good and done! We love you guys and pray for you those final days of pregnancy are very hard for the both of you.

Anonymous said...

I know you're excited and anxious, but just put your feet up, Ruth, and relax and enjoy it. Adelaide will arrive when she's good and ready and when God say's, "It is time." I bet you look darling, right if you ate a water melon whole!



C Kane; M Kane said...

Yea ... 'cause that's what we're concerned about ... the laptop. LOL. Don't worry you two, she'll come soon enough and then we'll all be able to celebrate baby Adelaide's introduction to the world!