Thursday, September 03, 2009

Not Yet.... Not Yet....

Thanks to so many of you for praying for us and checking in today! :)
-The update is Ruth is still having pretty regular contractions (about 5 min. apart) and is pretty uncomfortable no matter what she does BUT she (not me, I'm out of this...) feels that she's still not in ACTIVE labor.

I find this whole thing to be a bit tricky because with Chloe the hospital was next door to our school and we could have walked but we drove the 2min because of our hospital bag of cloths and stuff. And with Gwen we had a home birth! So now we're trying to time a 45min drive to Concord! Ha! Sure hope this works out.

So we're either in for a 'late night' with having a baby (as with Chloe) or it'll be another day?!?

We'll keep ya posted!!!

Have you ever had a baby in your car? How did that go? Ha!


Anonymous said...

gwen was a homebirth? Awesome!How was it? We plan on having our babies at home.=)

Nikki Hein

Ben & Ruth said...

It was the best! The thing that I thought was awesome was that there was 2 midwifes that came (I don't think Ruth and I even knew that was going to happen) and one had the job of taking care of Ruth and the other had the job of taking care of the baby. And both did GREAT jobs!

So I thought that was kinda neat. We were going to have a home birth again but with living at Ruth's parents house right now Ruth wasn't really excited about that.... I understand.


Anonymous said...

Another 10 minutes and Sidney would have been born in the car. My water broke walking into the hospital and he was already coming. By the time I got inside the door and to a nurse, his head was already out. So, if it comes in the car, you'll be ok. Just make sure your cell phone works:-)Good luck. Praying for you guys

Glidewell Family said...

We are praying for you! Saw one on youtube. The poor lady was at the hospital and they said she wasn't far enough along and sent her home. Before she even went home she had the baby out in the car. Man would I be mad!!! I thought you would enjoy that little birth story. So anyways the Lord is watching over you. Ruth you'll do GREAT!

Anonymous said...

awesome guys! And two midwives....that is really great! I totally understand you not wanting to do a homebirth when you aren't really in your own home. Although I clean a couple super gorgeous homes, and there is one in particular that I always think....this bathroom would be so perfect for giving birth. Massive tub, tons of open room, etc. =)I am a volunteer birth doula for low-income clients, and I love every minute of it. I'll be praying for you guys that everything goes smoothly!

Anonymous said...

ooops....that last one was from me.
Also wanted to let you guys know that we pray for you guys often as you learn to live life without Joanna. Hang in there.

Nikki Hein

Anonymous said...

well,well? I'm assuming a baby has come by now. Update if you get a chance!

CalebandKristina said...

a friend of mine just had a her baby in her car (well suv) in the passenger seat. she didn't even make it out of the drive way. She was a special situation though as she has problems during pregnancy and has to go on bedrest to keep the baby in until at least 36 or 37weeks. her labor was only 30 minutes. everything was fine though. i wouldn't worry too much. 45 minutes isn't too long.