Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Sorry the the late update. I know it's been a little while sense we've had an update. Our excuse for this last week was we were house sitting for some friends and didn't get back until yesterday.

So this is a late post on Mother's Day (just trying to catch up a bit).

We had a really great/fun day on Mother's Day! I woke up at 5:30 to make a late card for Ruth. Got out the old craft paper and pens/crayons and did my magic. I still like making cards (cheaper and from the heart...). After that it was time to start cooking! I made up some bacon & eggs with fried peppers/onions/mushrooms as a topping (very yummy). Then of course it was off to church for a nice Mother's Day service. At church our Pastor Roy played two cool/good videos that I was hoping to post but can't seem to find on the net.... Sorry. After we got home Micah (my brother-in-law) and I went to the grocery store and then started cooking! We marinated some steaks and Micah started grill'in while later making a cake. I started frying again! I fried/grilled down red potatoes, asparagus, summer squash & zucchini. Then I fried up the left over peppers/onions/mushrooms as a steak topping. Then we also made up a strawberry/spinach salad with poppy seed dressing. Yum, Yummy, Yum!!! :)

And of course we called our Mom's and celebrated them as well. All in all we had a really fun/good day as a family and extended family.

But now that we're home we're hoping to get posting and trying to fill you all in on some news soon! As for now though I'm going to be giving a sermon this week at our home church here while our Pastor is away. I'm wanting to speak on a current event and so I'm going to be speaking on 'Going Green' as God would have us to be good stewards of our temporary home (Earth). I have a whole out line ready and now I'm just looking at some more information and pictures for the slides. Sure hope it goes well!

Well, there you have it! A little update. We're not wanting to let down are two biggest fans, Mark & Ben at Freedom Fellowship!

Thanks for keeping up with us.

So how was your Mother's Day? Anything good, or not so good happen?


Ben from Freedom Fellowship said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! THANK YOU for posting!!! I am very glad to hear from you, glad you think I'm one of your biggest fans! (Well, it is true!)

Our Mother's day was pretty good. We took our mom out to Sabino Canyon (a local and beautiful canyon near the base of the Catalinas) and had a picnic with Eegees. Have you ever had an Eegees when you were here? If
not, you should do so!

Anonymous said...

Just tell me one do you "calibrate" a mom? Is that on the metric system? hee, hee,

Ben & Ruth said...

OOOPS! It was late. And yes, I'm a bad speller....


Ben & Ruth said...

And No, We have yet to have Eegees (I think) in AZ.

but next time I'll demand them!

Glidewell Family said...

Ha! You should give Ace some pointers on how to celebrate Mothers day. We spent Mothers day weekend celebrating our Anniversary which was back in March. He says we'll celebrate Mothers day next month. LOL Maybe I should have planned Fathers Day on Mothers Day and that would have evened things out a bit.

Mark from Freedom Fellowship said...

What I want to know is how come you say that you can post from the middle of a jungle, yet not from a house in the US?

Just kidding! Glad to hear from you again.

(If you happen to come when the Eegee's flavor of the month is Lime, make sure to demand Lime and Strawberry together. Its really good.)

Ben & Ruth said...

Oh, so it's an ice cream thing. I was thinking maybe it was an egg dish or something! LOL

And yes, it is possible to email in the jungles but to tell you the truth I'm now spoiled with DSL internet that Ruth's parents have and the house we were at had dial up....



Ben from Freedom Fellowship said...

No matter, I'm just glad to hear from you again!!!

(Yeah, Eegees is like a frozen fruit smoothie of sorts. Great for days when the temps go over 100, as is common here!)