Monday, April 06, 2009

Urgent Prayer Needed

Joanna was in severe pain Friday, and vomiting on Saturday. Curtis took her to the hospital then and they administered steriods to help control the swelling, and morphine for the pain. Curtis is very broken up. We thank the Lord for His everlasting arms of comfort and strength for this dear family and for the power of prayer.

*Please take a moment and pray for Joanna and family*

Dear Friends and Family: (email from Joanna's mom)

This is a prayer request for Joanna Bergman and a little update. Since her MRI in January, she has had 4 Cat Scans that showed no growth in the tumor. We believe this is due to the changes in her diet, basically greens and sprouts of several types with wheat grass. The reason for the scans is that she is now having seizures, due to the swelling in her brain. We believe this is the white blood cells going to battle, now that they have the proper setup in foods that starve the tumor, etc. We are asking for prayer for the pain – she is in the hospital now, with severe head pain, that morphine is not really covering. Curtis just called to say they may be transferred to a larger hospital, better equipped to deal with this. They have just put her on steroids to help reduce the swelling, which should provide relief, but that has not kicked in yet. Both Curtis and Jo are discouraged, but he is hopeful that the steroids will provide that relief while her body fights this battle. We ask that the Lord will do what His desire is for their family, and thank each of you for praying for them.

In His Love,
-Herbie and Kerry


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Just prayed for them.

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Praying also.