Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jakarta, Indonesia

I'm now in Jakarta, Indonesia staying at the NTM guest house. I decided to leave Salatiga and take the night bus here (11hrs) a day early to make sure I arrived in time and to have a day of 'seeing the city' a bit before heading home. That's right, tomorrow night I go to the air port and start my travels back to my girls... I miss them SO much and feel like I've been gone for SO long that I would be willing to cross a desert to get home to them. So I guess going through another 24'hrs of airplane travels wont be all that bad!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. I think taking that night bus from Salatiga to Jakarta was one of the scariest things I've done at least in a while. First off, just driving anything on the streets of Indonesia is scary but what made this so much worse is the only seats left were in the very front! So while I was trying to sleep I just kept thinking that at any minute my body was going to be throw into the dash board or through the window.... Doesn't sound all that great does it.... If only I could have moved back a seat I would have felt A LOT better! Praise the Lord though we made it. Although, our driver was the best/awful driver I have yet to experience.... Fun, fun, just some more culture for you!

Please be praying for my travels as you think of our family. Also be praying for Joanna as she's had a hard week and don't forget Petrus in that I haven't heard of anybody finding or hearing from him yet...

Grace & Peace,

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Pastor Rob Foster said...

So glad you are on your way home. We'll be praying for your safe arrival.

I can identify with the night bus adventures... I once took a 15-hour overnight bus from eastern Nepal to Kathmandu, and it is right up there on my list of "things I'll never do again"!