Monday, March 23, 2009

Going good....

My time here in Indonesia has been going GREAT! I've even had a good attidute (thanks for praying!). I think one of the best feelings I’ve had sense arriving here is the sense of ‘coming home’ again. That’s the funny thing. I’ve flown here 3 times now and this is the first time coming here where I don’t feel like a foreigner or outsider to this country. I already know quite a bit of the Indonesian language so I can talk to people, I already have many friends that I’ve loved going to visiting, I know the streets and stores, and all these things have made it feel like I’m back ‘home’ but in a foreign country! Is that weird?

I’ve been trying to keep busy sense getting in. My first day was working on getting acclimated to the time change (12 hrs) and getting to see some good friends. Today I got all my visa stuff signed and sent of to the immigration office, and tomorrow I have an appointment to go see the dentist in another town (1.5 bus ride away.). Dental work is pretty cheap here so I thought it might be a good time to get a check up. I least I hope it’s just a ‘check up’! :)

Well, it’s past 10:00pm so I better get some sleep. I’m getting on that bus at 6:00am!

I’ll try and post again soon,


Ben from Freedom Fellowship said...

Great to hear from you, Ben. Keep us updated!

Jake and Erin said...

That's awesome that it's starting to really feel like home. What a huge step!! =) Glad you're doing well.

C Kane; M Kane said...

That's kind of cool! You know you've made a good connection to that place if you feel that way upon return.