Sunday, March 29, 2009


Here is the latest update from Curtis and Joanna:

Well Mar 27 was a pretty exciting day! Reuben turned 4, Natalie 5 and Joanna 27! We had a good time birthday partying with family for 2 days!
Unfortunately, it must have been too much for Joanna. She had another seizure Saturday afternoon, the first since Feb 17. It was much shorter and she recovered much quicker than ever before. We decided not to go to the hospital because she was feeling so much better just minutes after the seizure. When she woke up Sunday morning however, she had worse headaches, numbness, and confusion than ever before, so we decided to go to the hospital and get a scan done to make sure she was alright. The scan didn't show any visible change since feb 17 in the tumor size or the swelling around it. That is actually a positive thing because this a very aggressive kind of cancer that should have grown in that amount of time. We came home this afternoon encouraged that it has not grown, and hoping that she will be able to deal with the headaches with Tylenol and sleep. Continue to pray that she stays encouraged and is able to rest in the knowledge that God is in control and He cares for her.

Thanks so much for your continued prayer, support, cards and emails of encouragement!

Curtis for Joanna and the kids

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