Saturday, February 14, 2009

Call Us!!! : - )

We are so exited about our new cell phone and plan with Verizon. My parents have been faithful customers with Verizon for something like 18 years now. So we were able to get on a 'family plan' ($10 a month) with them and with a cell phone free upgrade they had we were able to get a cool new phone for free! God sure has blessed us, even in the little ways.... :)

So please fill free to give us a call!
Especially on those lonely nights and weekends (hint hint)


Anonymous said...

Hey guys...when I dial that no. I get someone totally different than you. Is anyone else having trouble w/your new telephone no.

Ben & Ruth said...

Huh, that is strange. We have had a few friends already call us from the # on our blog. So just make sure your punching in the #'s right. Sure sorry you've been having a problem....