Sunday, December 14, 2008

A typical day for us!

As I'm sure you noticed lately we haven't been posting very much... Sorry! We think as it's getting closer and closer to Christmas we're getting more and more burnt out from language study and find our selves looking forward to a little Christmas break! Our day's here for language learning are very scheduled in that we find it a great assistance to us in making the best out of our time and helps us function better as a family to know who's doing what when. To give you an idea of what an ordinary day looks like for us we wrote it all out below!

Ben wakes up early at 5:00am to get a jump on study before the girls wake up. About a half hour on email and catching up with news before hitting the books and studying for 1 and a half hours before breakfast.

7:00-8:00 Breakfast and family time.

8:00-10:00 Ben's back in the office studying and getting ready for language school while Ruth takes care of getting our two girls ready for the day and school.

10:00-12:00 Ruth takes the girls to a pre-school school while Ben goes to language school. Ruth especially loves this time because there is a group of Indonesian Moms that just wait at the school in a waiting area for their kids. As they wait it becomes a big social group where Ruth brings her language school home work and gets the best hands on language/relationship building! Chloe and Gwen love spending time with their friends and learning new things at school.

12:00-1:00 Lunch time and family time.

1:00-4:00 Ruth is in language school.

1:00-3:00 Ben has a tutor come Monday-Friday to help with home work and language study. Ben especially loves this time because of the 'one on one' time he gets. We're still praying Ben gets an Indonesian buddy to just sit and hang out with. But with juggling a family and language study getting a buddy is harder then you might think!

3:00-3:30 Ben watches an Indonesian cartoon or two with the girls to help with language and to take a little break with the girls…

3:30 At this time Ben has finished his 8 hours of language study time and when Ruth gets home from school she too is finished with her 6 hours of language time!

4:00-5:00 Family time and prepare for dinner.

5:00-6:00 Dinner time and family time

6:00-7:00 Playing with our girls, reading kid books and getting ready to put the girls to bed.

7:00-9:00 or 10:00 We just hang out, read, email, post, call family back home, get random things done or just go to bed early!

How are your days? Does your life or family revolve around a schedule? How's it going for you?

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Kristi said...

Hi Kanes,
With 5 kids and homeschooling, a schedule is a complete necessity. We are currently on break for the holidays, and I can hardly wait to get back to normal so that the kids know what they are supposed to be doing everyday. I don't think we take as much family time as your schedule has on it...something we need to adjust!
We are praying for you and miss you all.
The Calhouns