Thursday, December 04, 2008

Just a Little Up-date

(this is the girls serious faces, in case you couldn't tell)

For all of you who are praying and wondering how we are doing, I figured it was time to inform you that we are almost finished the road to recovery. Chloe and Gwen are just about all better and Ben is all healed up after his fall. Thank you all for your prayers!
This weekend the girls and I plan on doing some very girlie thing. Ben is out with the guys for awhile. He is attending a Christmas party in Jakarta and enjoying some guy time. After having to be "Mom" for three weeks while I was in the USA, I figure he needed some man time! So Chloe, Gwen, and I are going to paint nails, watch Cinderella, maybe eat some chocolate... you know, the usual girl stuff. :)


micah and erica said...

that's their serious face? Haha I love it!
I've been thinking about you guys a lot lately. Especially on Thanksgiving and the day after. I am glad everyone is feeling better. :)

Sarah Elwer said...

Oh how fun! Enjoy your girl day with your sweet little ladies!

Glidewell Family said...

Ohhh They are soooo growing up. I was just thinking of Gwen and her bum scoot. There is another little guy at Durham that does the bum scoot. I was wondering if he lives in the same house as you. Maybey its the house. LOL Glad Ben is getting some Man time and that you all are getting better.

Whatleys' World said...

Ben fell!?!?! How did I miss that one in the midst of all of my language study!! You will have to give me the scoop since I am not on much to check your blog! Glad you are feeling better, Ben. Hope you had a great time in JKT. :) HUGS! Funny girls serious faces!! :)