Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not Fun...

Yesterday my friend Nate trained/cleared me to drive the mission van (going to be culture of the week!) but unfortunately he was sick and then last night I became sick as well (thx Nate...j/k). I started to have bad aches & pains and then that followed by a nice fever that gave me the chills (don't ask me why). Ruth then went to bed feeling fine but then at about midnight also stated to feel sick and got pretty bad diarrhea. The poor girl has been back and forth from the bed to the toilet about 100 times in about 12hrs. She is also feeling a bit nauseated... I then also officially got diarrhea after lunch today. Yeah! The girls say their also sick but I think they just feel left out.

Normally we tend to get sick over the weekend which then things aren’t a big deal as we can just drink water & rest. But this is early midweek and we need to be studying!

So we would appreciate your prayers for a quick recovery.



Rich said...

"not fun" sounds about right... prayed for you this morning, for that QUICK recovery.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear you're sick. Food poisoning? Lord God, please heal them ASAP and all honor and glory to You. Thank you in Jesus' Holy Name.

Love you,